Chain Reaction 2017

This blog site is somewhere to share ideas, news and articles, but essentially with humour and fun!

I hope to share ups and downs then support one another as we set, achieve and celebrate reaching goals.

Emotional wellbeing
Come along for the ride!

We each have a metaphorical chain around our neck!

It made of positive and negative links. Each link is a piece of baggage – good or bad, past or present, but each one can be polished and shaped up for the future! Our mind, body, wellness, friendships and spirituality are all intertwined. For example, carrying extra weight is linked to having little or low self-esteem. This prevents us from wearing or doing things that we would like to – such as sunning on the beach or achieving a sporting goal. Having low self-esteem links to negative thoughts, moods swings, negativity and depression. Sometimes we cling on to friends who may not have our best interest at heart, and spend too little time with people who make us feel good!

Positive links include: Some feel-good factors rely on other people’s input:

A hug or a compliment
Getting praise at work or a promotion or pay rise
Getting praise at home – for a meal well cooked or a pretty flower arrangement
Many, in fact most, we can influence ourselves. –

Achieving a goal – no matter how small – writing thank you letters, finishing the washing up before “Game of Thrones” starts on TV…..Ticking off an item on a to-do list!
Improving your health – following through with regular check-ups or making small amendments to your life lifestyle can have big and immediate effects on your life.
De-cluttering life – sorting out a cupboard or reorganising the kitchen. Filing overdue paperwork…
Selecting the people around us – people in our lives can be classified as “drains” or “radiators” – no explanation needed !– I am sure you know what I mean! We need to hold on to the radiators and let go of the drains!
Taking “me time” – whether you want to finish a good book or meditate, it takes effort to make it happen.
Saving money or reducing debt – economise, consolidate, budget and managing money is not an obvious skill, but effective management can reduce stress and anxiety about debt – or allow saving to hit a goal!