Welcome to the Year of the Rooster!

Like most celebrations, Chinese New year includes lots of food! Remember the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? Well, the truth is, you could have replaced GREEK with virtually any nationality ; – Celebration = Let’s Eat!

Looking at the picture below, from Chinahighlights.com, you can see it does not have to be a diet disaster to celebrate CNY in style. Whilst 2017 has, for me has so far been virtually carb free, especially no rice or bread, it seems I don’t have to change the rules, but choose carefully. Yesterday we spent a happy New Year’s eve with dear friends, and partook of a very sociable and delicious hotpot. The broth is light and tasty; poached fish and seafood and an array of vegetables, even an egg, all  – no problem. I avoided noodles and wonton skins made of wheat, in favour of those made of tofu sheet. Scrumptious!

King Hei Fat Choi!