Three weeks into the year…

Dear all,

Thank you for the great feedback I have been receiving. I have had a ghastly bout of flu – although no complaints because it did help with weight loss!

Three weeks into the year – I have now lost 4kg – or in my units – SIXTEEN links on my 96 link chain. Nothing is as motivating to carry on as having lost the first few units.

Here are a few of the tricks that have been supportive.

  1. Eating a hearty breakfast every day. I have consumed more eggs than ever before – and as a non-egg lover, this has been hard. I serve with a few slices with avocado, smoked salmon or goats cheese – and it certainly keeps me going till lunchtime!
  2. Taking a packed lunch instead of relying on food available in the environment. Making up a salad each evening has been fun, and challenging to find new and original ingredients. But as I chop up the different vegetables and flavour with fresh herbs – tomorrows lunch seems exciting!
  3. DRINKING loads of water – but not just any water – Fresh lemon and ginger to be precise. No sugar or syrup or sweetener of any kind needed – I start off with hot water at the beginning of the day and keep topping up with cold all day.
  4. Dry January – This has been tricky – especially at the weekends – but not drinking alcohol also allows better focus what food is selected to eat. Being in control is key.
  5. Minimising carbs – bread, toast and pasta have been out since the new year – and ensuring delicious food is available means they have not been missed.


So onward and downward! Catch you in a few days!




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