Food for the soul.

It had to happen, I work in an environment where people travel all over the place, and unwittingly bring back with them germs.

So I have a nasty bout of ‘flu which has kept me in bed, feeling very sorry for myself. Throbbing head, aching limbs, blocked nose… know the kind of thing.

Luckily I make my own chicken soup, the way my mother showed me, and keep it in the freezer so it is available anytime I need – and never is there a time more than now.screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-4-50-23-pm

Take a whole chicken, and simmer with carrots, leeks, celery and onions. I also add bay leaves, parsley and thyme plus salt and pepper. Simmer until the meat is fall-off-the-bone-tender, then remove the chicken. having taken off the meat, I return the bones to the stock pot and cook on for at least another hour – making the soup richer. Finally. strain the stock – (leave to cool first to make the process easier) and add the chicken meat back,

I have, however been reading up about the making if soup and getting the best nutrients out of the bones, and some interesting ideas which I might try are:

  1. Using chicken’s feet – ok, so I have always baulked at the thought of these as a dish in a Chinese restaurant, but  it does make sense for the stock pot, as they are full of gelatine.
  2. Roasted bones leech many more minerals so after a roast chicken dinner – keep the bones for the stockpot.
  3. A vinegar pre-soak before applying heat ensures that minerals will be pulled out of the bones and into the stock.  Without it, the stock will need to cook for much longer for the same result. Soak cold bones with vinegar (2 Tbs vinegar to 1 gallon of water for chicken or a half-cup vinegar to one gallon for beef) before applying any heat.  If the bones are hot, the pores are closed and the vinegar can’t get in to work its magic.  Soak cold bones for one hour before turning on the heat.


Delicious – Back to sleep!

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