Think IN the box!


I work too far away from shops, cafes and restaurants to be able to nip out in a one hour lunch break. However in the building there is a contract company-serviced canteen.  I have eaten there so many times, simply because of need. Frankly the food is ghastly, and it is true to say that my colleagues and I could count one hand the decent meals each year.


The 2017 Happy Diet means I am putting in the effort to take a lunch box each day. 

The key to this is all about planning. I need to ensure that my shopping, fridge and freezer supply are geared to cater for this.

I intend to prep the lunch – as much as possible, the evening before and only need to add last minute salad items in the already busy morning schedule. – Grab and go.

I can keep a small bottle of olive oil with balsamic vinegar at the office.

Here is today’s lunch! – Fresh grilled tuna on a pile of raddish, tomato, cucumber red pepper and dill. YUM!



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