Glorious Chocolate


My dear friend LOVES dark Lindt chocolate – with chilli. One square with an espresso coffee- heaven!

That is, until we started to analyse the ingredients. Lindt 85% is 584 calories per 100g, making a single square 58. On the pleasure calorie ratio this is a bargain! The chilli chocolate is 538 calories per 100g – seemingly even better with five whole calories fewer per square!

Then what’s the problem?!

Well, on closer inspection, chilli chocolate has 48grams of sugar per 100g – yes! That means that almost half of that cube of chococalte is sugar. When weighed up against the pure 85% cocoa chocolate which has only 11g per 100, the chilli, or sea salt varieties have lost their bite.

Next step……I am going to experiement with adding my own chilli or sea salt! Watch this space!!!

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