Four days until the New Year….

Time to reflect on the year that was and look forward to the year to come. Reading about the loss of George Michael saddens me, as I reflect on a year which contained so much loss. High profile celebrities were dropping like flies – and too many died too young. Prince, Bowie and Michael are just a few who shaped my youth and were taken too young. Victoria Wood and Caroline Aherne made me giggle – and still do. The world was blessed by their presence.

On a personal level I lost my closest friend in April, a blow from which I struggle to recover. Whilst George Michael had a history of drug taking and a lifestyle in opposition to longevity, my dear friend V, simply had unfair, bad luck. She was a paragon of healthy living and a nobel fighter. Never was one so undeserving of being taken so soon.

So looking forward to the New Year – I take advice from the good and learn from the examples of the weak. I reflect on my own goals, but hope to chunk them down into units which will allow me to achieve – and sustain…..

Here we go…..!

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